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Photo of Seasons - lotus flower for spring; El Capitan for Summer; Pine Tress in Seattle Japanese Garden and Montain in Alberta for Winter
Your life changes by the smallest movements through the seasons ... Friend

Francy and MissyThank you for coming to visit us. We are glad you've heard about our work and welcome you to look around and find out more about us.

We have been doing Life Readings since 1983 and are very proud to say that we have helped thousands of clients, over the years. Channeling is a bit different from a psychic reading - it's deeper, stronger, and your reading is more personal. This makes the session very helpful for you; you will talk about spiritual, personal, professional, relationships, and financial information. Friend's counseling is all at your fingertips as you have your one on one session together. your questions are open to your own personal needs and span any part of your life. He is right here for you if you have a current difficult situation in your life; he will help you step through it with less pain and bring you to a place of calm. Our confidential clients have established a strong working relationship with Friend over the years. Clients return again and again to check-in with him as they face important decisions on their life's journey. As their life-path changes and pressure builds up, they come in to Friend to have a session and discuss their queries and receive strong guidance to help them with their important decisions. You will find Friend's clients have enjoyed their work with him during the session and you can read many of their experiences. To learn more about Friend and Francy's work together and to make an appointment for a session please read on. We think you will find the information very interesting and we know that Friend will change your life.

We look forward to our time together in session and once again, thank you for your kindness in choosing Friend to collaborate with and find the answers to many of your life questions.

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