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As a child Francy had things around her that were unexplainable at the time. She could carry on conversations that were very adult in manner, at a very young age. She would know upcoming events and family interactions before anyone else. She was strongly guided through her youth and grew to just accept this as “normal”. Her grandmother was a Spiritualist and took Francy to a meeting at the age of seven. It was at this meeting that Francy actually started to understand that her abilities to be intuitive to incoming guidance was something unusual. Up to that time; she simply thought everyone had the ability to read the emotions of people and animals around them. Once she understood that her abilities were thought to be a gift by some and odd by others, she kept her thoughts to herself. Never again sharing her knowing thoughts with those around her. Although her grandmother often talked to her about her special gift to hear and see as a natural intuitive medium – early in her life, she not only ignored it herself, she tried to turn the gift off.Friend & Francy Graphic

It was not until a serious illness hit her in her mid 20′s that Francy once again began to allow herself to open up to knowledge from her own personal unseen guides. As she suffered through rounds of chemotherapy she began a daily practice of very deep mediation to lift herself out of the discomfort and worry that was surrounding her. Daily deep meditation was a practice that she carried on for a few years and she not only fought her way out of cancer but she once again grew in her psychic abilities.

After marrying she faced another health challenge with multiple miscarriages and she renewed her deep meditation on a twice daily routine. It was then that her husband lost his job. He was a man that had owned his own successful business and then held various Vice President positions with different corporations over the years. Successful and with a large income, it was Christmas photo Francy, George, Mac and Mistytotally devastating for him to find he was out of work and told he was too old for executive positions. He began to become depressed and really had no idea of what direction to go, or what to do. He needed to work to keep up with his bills and the house payments and both of them were very worried. Francy responded with asking him if she should try some guided-writing to see if she could find a path for him to find a new income. He had never really been exposed to anything on the spiritual or psychic level before, but he trusted her and said yes.

That was the beginning of Francy working with Friend in 1983. She went under in a deep meditation and did some guided-writing. After all of the years of her practicing her meditation on a daily basis, the experiment with writing was quite easy. When she re-emerged from her trance she and her husband read the material that she had written and it revealed a conversation with a guided master that told her to just call him “Friend”. The couple then did daily readings that guided them to step by step information to start a business consulting firm and that was what they did. They successfully formed The Thorndyke Group Consulting and it became a very lucrative income for them for many years.

It was the detail that hooked her husband on the value of the readings. The step by steps; call this person, get this license and do this step next that started to form their business. They both looked forward to the daily readings with Friend, he was kind, informative and always gave them the feeling of being loved and cared for during his sessions with them.

Francy would say a personal protection prayer and then go into a deep meditation. Once in trance – Friend would come through to her. Francy started with guided-writing for her sessions with her husband. They then purchased an early word processor and she used that – sitting behind the desk with the monitor turned around to her husband for his viewing –while she was in trance she typed on the keyboard. After the sessions they would print them out and re-read the list of guided advice and then act on them the next working day. Their success with Friend,Francy and Missy lead them to share the readings with family members that were open to spiritual guidance. After all those successful and helpful readings the family started to bring in their friends. That was when Francy decided to have her husband and a nephew help her learn how to talk instead of doing the guided writing. Friend walked them through the session and Francy started feeling comfortable with being in a sleeping trance and having Friend come through, using her voice.

The amazing thing was the way the small gold cord of life stretched out and brought people into Francy and Friend. One reading became two and then dozens and then their friends would call or come in for in-person readings. Then the calls began to come from across the country and then from out of country. Friend’s work just started to flow from place to place with friends telling friends. The gold cord stretching out all over the map and the many people with all their questions and problems, challenges and hardships were met with Friend’s warm love, advice and support.

Now the Internet has provided a larger platform of those seeking answers for their personal questions and Friend is able to help so many more with his phone readings and seminars.

The transition has taken years, but the results have proved life changing.