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Choose one of the Readings and pay with PayPal. Then send Francy an email with your name, phone number and best time to call back. She will then return your call and make the arrangements for consultation time. Or call our Office Message Number



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Friend’s Private Phone (or Skype) 1 hour - $175

This Personal Spiritual Consultation is 5 min mediation-50 minute reading-5 min clearing and release. It will cover personal, relationships, spiritual, health and financial questions.

We all start with a jumble in our minds, then together - we slowly work our thoughts into a clear path... Friend

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Friend’s Business 1 hour consultation - $250

This reading is for those that use Friend and Boss as their business guides and it means that the reading is primarily business, they also talk about your personal information, but business is the reason for the reading. Friend helps business owners and executives to be even more productive and successful with their endeavors.

The 48-hour Repair – $480

The Personal Repair Program is to really attack a critical emotional problem that has been bothering you for a long time, or is overwhelming you now. This program requires you to take a two day time period that is slow and easy and to follow the program through to the end. There is a one hour reading to start, audio CD to use, a step by step workbook in e-Book format, a small cleansing diet, and is followed up with a 30 minute reading a week after the program is completed. (The 48 hour repair can use a past life reading to assist you in your repair program)


Past Life Reading – Advanced Study - $225

This reading is done only after you have worked with Friend in readings and have discussed the reason for this reading with him. There is preparation for this reading and that is given to you when you schedule.


Couples Relationship Readings – 1 hour - $225

These readings are for couples working out personal relationship issues and child care issues. They are done with two people on the line with friend.


Master Sessions – and Online Group Sessions for Training

are special and you are invited to them as you work with Friend in regular reading sessions. They are designed for advanced metaphysical students and they are interactive.



Just when you least expect it - a word you hear and an action you take - can clear your path - Friend


You will receive a confirmation of your appointment via email and instructions of how to prepare for your reading with friend.

We look forward to our time together, the readings are always fun and easy…just time with a “Friend”…

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