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“I had a few psychic readings before and they never clicked. A friend told me of their work with Friend and I called and made an appointment with Francy. The experience with an intuitive channel was new to me, but Francy was warm and friendly and walked me through how to get the most out of my reading with Friend. That was 18 years ago. I have returned for readings on various topics with Friend and I have gotten something of substance with each one. Friend has a way of sharing, teaching and yet being very friendly and easy to understand all in one package. I highly suggest you book a reading soon, you will find it fascinating and helpful.” Henry T. – Vancouver, BC – Canada


“One session with Friend covered more information than years of therapy for me. I have been working with him for twelve years and I have never been disappointed. He has walked me through personal relationship problems and health challenges and then into a new and healthy – now 9 year marriage to my husband. I have sent so many people to Friend. To me he is a guide that gives you the ideas and the push to find the answers to many difficult things that we all face in life.” C.G. Port Orchard, WA Waterfall - Japanese Garden Portland, Oregon
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Friend is like a band leader, he will come to you and talk to you about your spiritual side of life and then as you come up with questions he will turn you over to others that will visit with you about various situations in your life. You will find Friend – just like an old friend that has experience in areas that you may not have achieved at this time. He is open, caring and funny. Friend makes you feel at home and at peace right away. His goal is to help you obtain the tools to use your own personal abilities to find the answers that we all have inside. He shares and teaches, consults and encourages you to make decisions and then to take the steps to act on those decisions, not just talk about them.


“After my son’s suicide, I was left in a state of complete shock. My husband is a very well known name and we have no privacy and did not know where to turn. A close friend asked me to reach out to Friend and his loving reading gave us clarity. When we were finished – we even had a detailed listing of what we had to accomplish in the next few days. Since my husband and I had simply stopped thinking with the grief, that list was our daily guide. The reading did not end our confusion, anger, grief or healing process. That was just beginning, it just allowed us to make it through those first few horrid days. Friend allowed my husband to have someone to share his feelings with and he always finds his advice loving and helpful. It may sound strange to you, but having a name that people know means you have such a small group of friends you can trust and we have proudly added Friend to that list of loyal friends. We hope you will make time for a reading with Francy and Friend. They are very dear to us.” S.F. -Los Angeles, CA


“I always wanted to start my own business, but I had a comfortable job and just put it off. Friend brought Boss into my reading with him and Boss encouraged and helped me though the maze of the business set-up process. Now, I feel my talents are finally being used and I’m in control of my future. I’m making a very good living and I cannot express the depths of change I have experienced in the last few years of study with Friend. V.T. – Bellevue, Washington