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I reflect, those who I surround myself with...

Thank you, Francy

Through the years I have been fortunate to have a husband that always supported my work with Friend. Threw thick or thin…my Georgie has been with me. Doing work in the metaphysical arena can be very exhausting and George has always been there with tea and sympathy for my time and energy given to Friend’s work. I shall always thank him for that and even now; when he’s fighting Alzheimer’s he stays calm and quiet when I have a reading scheduled.

To My Love... thank you.

Friends have such a place of honor in my life. Each one gives me so much support. I have had a friend for many years that enjoys the study of constant self-improvement…who is a student of metaphysics. She’s always there for me and helps me with my work with Friend.

thank you Cheryl, for your loving care of me on a daily basis.

Robert Keller, came to me as a business friend and a client with Friend. He has been witPond and Pines Seattle Japanese Gardenh me for years and has given me so much insight. I adore our time together; we just chat each other up on quite wild and esoteric subjects. We both enjoy the many helpful readings Friend has given to us. Find him here.

To Bob, thank you for all your loving time and attention given to me.

I stumbled onto Twitter on a day that George was very unwell and I was feeling lonely and sad. I wanted to take a step to help myself and a strange thing happened. I found friendship. Not just names on a page, but true loving friends.

To my daily crew of loving Twitter Pals Dana, Kitty, Laura, Rachelle, Michele, Mimi, Tori, Shari, Marilyn, Natalie and Julie have my heart.

Friend has brought joy and substance to my life... I know he will do the same for you... I look forward to scheduling you for a reading soon. francy